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Jain Doors has come to stay in the specialized market of doors in the Country. Bihar Timber Seasoning Plant - Bihar were first who introduced factory made panel doors in Bihar. After satisfactory quality & services in the entire Eastern Region and in neighboring States, the management has opened another up to date factory M/s Jain Doors Pvt. Ltd. Factory made panel doors and window shutters are the result of over 30 Years of experience and technical know how. The method adopted by the management is in keeping with the national policy of scientific and proper use of our scarce timber and conservation of our Green Gold of the Country.

Wood is wonderful and very useful gift of the nature to humanity. And it is obligatory on our part to preserve it as we do with our life.

Jain Doors are manufactured confirming to BIS standard. These are manufactured in our most sophisticated and up-to-date plant in Kundali. The scientific process of seasoning and chemical preservative treatment makes the wood decay proof and enhances its life manifold. We have kiln-seasoning chambers and complete chemical preservative plant, which make the timber immune from bores fungus and termites resulting into long life of wood. Now days when timber is scarce and good quality wood is not available in the market, it has become very inevitable to season and provide proper chemical treatment to wood before it is allowed for use in Panel doors & windows shutters.

Ordinary doors will not protect your home or work place as they are vulnerable to moisture, borer attack, and fungus and termite attack. Only factory made machine-manufactured kiln seasoned and chemically treated doors/window shutters can protect your spacious home and enhance its life. Jain Doors offer you solutions to such your such problems and offer you ready to install high standard quality, factory made panel & window shutters available in various styles design with perfect workmanship.

Our Trademarked Brands for our quality products:
JAIN DOORS - For Panel Doors, Wire-Mesh Doors, ISI Marked Flush Doors, Fire Rated Doors, FRP Doors, PVC Doors, Skin Doors, Laminated Doors, Membrane Doors etc.

WOODIFY - For High End Luxurious Ornamental Doors, Solid Wooden Molded Doors, Veneered Doors, Modular Kitchen Cabinets, Modular Wardrobes, Office & School Furniture etc.

CACTUS FRP DOORS - For FRP Panel Doors, FRP Flush Doors, FRP Door Frames, PVC Doors, PVC Door Frames, uPVC Doors & Frames etc.