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Jain Doors

Jain Doors offer a beautiful collection of doors which will you appreciate the fact Doors are not mere wooden structures created to protect, but they open up myriad possibilities that life has in store for us...

Various Styles

Our Doors come in a range of crafted designer looks that will create instant appeal for a premise whether traditional or contemporary...


Our Doors have been frequently awarded for Quality, Design & Performance. All the Doors, Frames & Windows are made of 100% seasoned and chemically treated wood as per the needs of customers....

Esteemed Clientele

The organization has been able to build our reputation among the reputed clients catering to the vast and demanding markets of India....


Our products are ideal for both new constructions as well as replacements during renovation and remodelling. And we will make sure you are getting the right option for your home, your location and your budget.


As leading manufacturer of custom windows and doors, our technology driven business model and
communication disciplines deliver value in more ways than just great windows.

Modern Plant

Jain Doors manufactured in modern plant in Kundli conforming to BIS standard.

Drying Technology

Made under stick kiln drying technology for season and drying of timber.

Easily Customizable

Ready to install with minimum labour and time.

Free from Shrinkage

Free from Shrinkage, wrapping, building and can ean on slought weather.

Chemically Treated

Chemically treated and are fully resistance to terminate, moth and bores.

Stylish and Secure

Make Your Interior & Exterior Doors Stylish and Secure...!