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Panel Doors

Whether your home or structure is traditional or contemporary, Woodify Panel Doors come in a range of crafted, designer looks that will create instant appeal. Our products are ideal for both new constructions as well as replacements during renovation and remodelling. And we will make sure you are getting the right option for your home, your location and your budget.

  • Molded panels with multiple designs to choose from
  • Manufactured in modern plant in Kundli Ind. Estate, conforming to BIS:1003 (Part-I)
  • Made under Kiln Drying Technology for Seasoning and Drying of Timber
  • Ready to install with minimum labor & time
  • Larger hardwood frames giving them higher strengthand durability
  • Free from shrinkage, warping, bulging
  • Panel Molded Doors are made from the best raw materials selected through our extensive R & D, and are designed to give superior performance.
  • Panel Molded Doors are primered before shipping and are easier to paint or polish.
  • Assembled by highly skilled personnel with perfect workmanship with aesthetic appeal.
  • Panel Molded Doors have the green advantage as theyconsume less wood and help conserve forests.

FRP Doors

FRP is known for its high strength and resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, bacteria or termite and excellent acoustic insulation. It comes with many advantages and is an ideal replacement for plastic and aluminum door.

  • Totally Water proof, easy to clean
  • Light weight & durable
  • Extra strong with excellent finish
  • Free from termite problems
  • Remains stable at all temperatures from desert heat to extreme cold
  • Zero maintenance
  • Comes with flexibility in sizes, thickness & colours
  • Eco-friendly product
  • High Aesthetic value

Flush Doors

'Woodify' Flush Doors of high density that act as excellent insulators against dust, heat and noise. Made from finest quality timber for high resistance and quality, these flush doors are extremely durable, termite, borer & water proof

  • Slam proof, shower safe and climate stable
  • Thicker and smoother face for better bonding of laminates and veneers
  • ISI Marked
  • Strictly as per IS:2202
  • 100% PF Bonded
  • BWP/BWR Grade
  • Wood is given preservative treatment for termite, fungus and other Microorganism.
Laminated Doors

‘Woodify' Laminated Doors give an impressive look to the room and help enhance the interiors of the house. We offer beautiful and elegant looking laminated doors in wide range of colors, polishes and finishes to match your interiors.

  • Suitable for Exterior & Interior Doors
  • Strictly as per IS:2202
  • Hot Pressed laminate on both sides
  • Slam proof, shower safe and climate stable
  • Can be laminated using Mica or Veneer
Glazed Windows
  • As per IS:1003 (Part 1 and Part2)
  • Reduce water intrusion
  • Limit intrusion of dust and exterior allergens
  • Improve comfort by controlling air infiltration/exfiltration
Fire – Proof Doors
  • 30 minutes/60 minutes/90 minutes/120 minutes Fire rated fully insulated
  • Wooden Fire Door manufactured from latest technology that requires least maintenance
  • Tested as a complete system, NOT for product alone along with all the Ironmongery into position
  • Tested as per National and International norms and standards like IS: 3614 (Part-1), BS, AS, ASTM, and DIN standard
  • Intrumescent strip to seal & protect the edges

Skin Doors
  • Available in wide variety of Designs and Patterns
  • Best for Internal Doors
  • Available in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm etc.
Wooden/FRP Door Fames (Chokhats)
  • Available in Solid Hardwood and FRP
  • Highly Economical
  • Very Much Hygenic
  • Rigid and Strong
  • No Decay